Advanced Diagnostics

Retinal Photography

  • Oculus Dexter - Right Eye
  • Oculus Sinister - Left Eye

As part of our comprehensive vision exam, retinal dilation is performed to screen for ocular health conditions. In addition to retinal dilation, each patient has the option to have retinal photography performed. Retinal photography offers high resolution digital images to document baseline images of the retina as well as early disease process. Retinal photography is one of our advance instrumentation used for the detection of ocular disease. Receive a copy of your retinal images via email before you get home.

Visual Field Examination

Visual Field Machine

Visual field perimetry is among one of our advanced diagnostic testing equipment available at First Sight Vision Care. Visual fields are used to determine any disruption to the visual pathyway to your brain and eyes. It provides a printout of areas in your peripheral vision that maybe compromised due to ocular and/or neurological disease such as glaucoma. Advanced instrumentation like this, helps Dr. Sukon provide a more thorough examination of your ocular health.