Eye Care Services

Comprehensive Vision Care

First Sight Vision Care provides a complete vision exam with updated prescription determination for eyewear, binocular and occupational vision testing as well as retinal health evaluation. Here at First Sight Vision Care, we believe that your comprehensive vision exam is only a part of maintaining your overall health. To maintain continuity of care among all your health care providers, we will provide you and your physician a report of your exam findings upon request.

My Vision is 20/20 or better!

A comprehensive vision exam plays an important role in your overall wellness. When you have an eye exam once a year, you are maintaining the overall health of your eyes. Besides measuring your vision, comprehensive vision exams help identify early signs of certain health conditions including high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and high cholesterol. During your eye exam, Dr. Sukon will check the ocular structures and how well both eyes work together. Subtle changes in your retina can be an early warning sign for certain health conditions such as high blood pressure. So even if you don't need a vision correction, it is important to take charge of your eye care and get your eyes checked annually!

Laser Vision Correction

Laser Vision Correction: Have you ever wondered whether you are a good candidate for laser vision correction? First Sight Vision Care offers free Lasik consultations. Pre-operative and post-operative care is provided in conjunction with our network affiliated Laser vision surgeons.