We love to be apart of the community and it shows! Here are some local events we have helped support this year.

  • The Brigance Brigade Fundraiser

    ALS also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that attacks motor neurons in the brain and spinal cord and affects muscle function. The Brigance Brigade foundation supports individuals and families affected by ALS by providing services, support and help fund research initiatives. First Sight Vision Care is proud to help sponsor this fundraising event and bring awareness to this condition.

    It was an honor to meet OJ Brigance and his wife Chanda and learn about their journey with ALS. On the field and off the field, OJ remains an active participant in the Ravens organization. Interestingly, although OJ Brigance has lost almost all motor function, he continues to have eye muscle control which allows him to use a visual assisted computer to communicate.

  • Reservoir High School Production of Singing in the Rain: Playbill sponsor

  • Cedar Lane Elementary School Walk of Stars

  • Maryland Half Marathon

    How fortunate for First Sight Vision Care that this years finish line was right in front of our office. We had the opportunity to meet athletes from all over the country who participated in this years marathon. Thank you all for those that stopped by our booth and viewed our large line of Nike Running Wear.

  • Be Great Foundation

    The Be Great Foundation was established to help bring awareness to children born with immunodeficiency syndromes. The foundation strives to fund research and testing to newborns for early detection and treatment. First Sight Vision Care was happy to be a proud sponsor of the second annual Seek n Find Event. The event help raise money for the Children's National Hospital.

  • Maple Lawn Fireworks Festival

    One of the best fireworks festival in all of Maryland. Maple Lawns Fireworks Festival drew crowds from all over Maryland and is expected to grow each year. First Sight Vision Care was so fortunate to be apart of this years Maple Lawn Street Festival. We were very excited to meet the residents of Maple Lawn as well as our neighboring businesses.

All images are copyrighted to (c) Kiati Plooks Photography